Information to tourists and guests in quarantine - what to DO and NOT to do.

Dear visitors to Lofoten and our municipality in Vågan.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience of quarantine during your visit to the Lofoten Islands. We will however do our utmost to help you make the best of this unfortunate situation. However, the primary goal around the globe is to prevent further spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

We ask our visitors to be loyal participants in this global and local effort to stop further spread of the virus, and urge you to please respect the following while in quarantine in Lofoten.

Quarantine for guest showing NO symptoms of infection is not complete isolation, but it is necessary that you take precautions.

Who are affected by quarantine in Lofoten?

You are to stay in quarantine if you show no symptoms of infection, but have stayed in countries outside Norway  after february 27 th or if you have spent time in the south of Norway in any of the following regions - Oslo, Viken, Agder, Telemark, Vestfold, Innlandet, Vestland or Rogaland - after march 9th. (Showing symptoms? Se isolation, below)   

Here are some reminders about what to DO and what NOT to do while in quarantine.

  • You may enjoy the scenery outside and go for walks in town or in nature (remember general safety in nature), but keep a good distance to other people – do not walk around in large groups.
  • You may visit local stores that are open, but keep this to a necessary minimum  - do not enter stores or shopping malls in large groups, and always keep a good distance to other people. Remember to be considerate to personnel working in shops, cafés and hospitality industry that remains open.
  • If you have a rental car you may drive around the island, but be considerate – stay outdoors when stopping as much as possible.
  • Do NOT travel to other regions in Norway.
  • Do NOT use any public transport or Taxi, this includes commercial flights, ferry, express boat, bus.
  • AVOID places where people gather. We have plenty of room outside in Lofoten – keep a distance.
  • AVOID close encounters with other people – keep a distance.

What to do if showing symptoms of infection -> Isolation. 

If any symptoms of infection occur, you are to immediately stay in full isolation in your room / outlet. Contact hotel staff or private host (i.e Airbnb) by phone, do not approach. Staff, hosts or volunteers will help you regarding groceries and food. If mild symptoms occur, do not contact health authorities.  If your symptoms become more serious or severe, contact local medical emergency phone: 116 117

Need to contact your embassy – see list of embassies

Representative of local municipality government: +47 92688546 (deputy mayor)

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.


Vågan Kommune – municipal government 15.03 2020