Information about NAV and KORONA

In order to limit the spread of the Corona virus, NAV Svolvær has closed, in the first instance until the 14 th of April. According to decion made by our authorities, the closure can be prolonged

Important questions for you to answer:

Do you reeally need to come to your local NAV office today?

Have you the posibility to use use our digital services?


First of all, in order to avoid a long waiting time on the telephone, we recommend you to use the digital service: Log on to Din side at Use your bank-id.

If you need to call 5555 3333, you may expect a long waiting time before you get through.

If you have to deliver an application for «økonomisk sosialhjelp», please send your application form including necessary documentation to:

In case you do not have the opportunity to send your application by mail, and have to deliver an application for «økonomisk sosialhjelp» enclosed necessary documentation , put it in an envelope and then put in the letterbox, on the wall in the waiting room, between 0900 and 1500.

If you have an acute need for «økonomisk sosialhjelp», you can call 40635393, between 0900 and 1500. This telephone number can only be used for this purpose.

If you send a mail to which does not concern «Økonomisk sosialhjelp», your request will not be answered.

Information will be given continuously. At information is updated every day.


NAV Svolvær, 25.03.2020