Information about NAV and Korona, updated 17.04.2020

Because of the danger caused by Corona contamination, NAV Svolvær is closed, until April 03.

This closure could well be prolonged.

All meetings have been cancelled until April 03.  If you already have an appointment in this period, we will telephone you.

Questions for you to answer:

  • Do you need to come to NAV today?
  • Can you solve your inquiry digitally?

 Log on to your page «Din Side» at by using your bank ID

You can also call NAV at 5555 3333.  Owing to the fact that many are calling this number at this time, it is probable that you will have to wait a while for your call to be answered.

 Economic social support (økonomisk sosialhjelp)

You are kindly asked to deliver your applicatin form for «økonomisk sosialhjelp» digitally, at  Log on to your page, «Din side» using your bank ID. Choose «økonomisk sosialhjelp»

 If you need to call us regarding «økonomisk sosialhjelp», you can dial a special line reserved for this purpose only, between 9 am to 3 pn, on weekdays.  The number you may call is 406 35 393.

You can also write to us «skriv til oss» Sosiale tjenester at  Use the same log on proceedure as explained above.

 If you are unable to use to make a digital application, and therefore still need to use a paper application form, you can deliver your application with the necessary documentation in the letterbox at NAV, betwteen 9am and 3pm on weekdays.  Please also attach your Skattemelding for 2019.  Your application form including necessary documents must be put in an envelope before you put in the letterbox.

 Please note:

If you apply digitally, you will receive a digitally reply.  This means that you will receive the decision as soon as we have delt with your request, without having to wait for the time needed by the post.

 At all the information you need is available, with updated information every day.


NAV Svolvær. 17.04.2020